Lairs of Self

DesignPhiladelphia Festival presented Lairs of Self in Everyday Life as the official closing installation held on October 17, 2014 at the Crane Arts Icebox. Designers Sean Martorana and Dejha Ti created an immersive installation, in an imaginative integration of projection mapping, filmed design experiments, and interactive elements. 360 degree video projections wrap onto the colossal walls of the 5,000 square foot Icebox, and appear precisely onto a 12 foot, 1 ton sculpture.

In this multidisciplinary display, Lairs of Self invited attendees to experience the designers’ exploration of the variety of masks we wear for every social occasion—shyness around strangers, vulnerability with your brother, closed-off in group gatherings, immediate openness with men, paranoia with women. The installation examines daily morphing masks, and asks Why? and Where does this mask come from? "It’s intriguing to consider how we act or refrain to maintain an image of ourselves to another person. The image I wear with my lover contrasts with what I’ll wear with my coworker or complete strangers."

Spanning industries, a team of 20+ designers, animators, video mappers, programmers, industrial designers, fabricators, writers, musicians and a dancer elegantly converge to create a singular experience. Upon arriving, attendees peer through a mask to an iPad, and are encouraged to answer “What are you wearing?”. The interactive interface guides attendees through steps allowing them to become a part of the installation.

Attendees continued to interact via their mobile devices by directly influencing the projections and simultaneously sharing their contributions to Twitter. The massive sculpture, fabricated from DuPont™’s white Corian®, and 4000 square feet of wall space display high-definition, intricately mapped projections of experimental designs and animations reflecting Adam Teterus’ narrative interpretation of the designers’ variety of masks. The sensory experience is completed by installation specific music produced and composed by internationally renowned musician Tim Motzer.

Attendee upload stream:

  • Creative Firms: Masce, Sean Martorana's THE_STUDIO
  • Creative Direction & Design: Dejha Ti, Sean Martorana
  • Narrative Writing: Adam Teterus
  • Interactive Design: Dejha Ti, Sean Martorana
  • Development: Chris Alfano, Tyler Weist & Kevin Clough (Jarvus Innovations)
  • Sculpture & Kiosk Design: Dejha Ti, Sean Martorana
  • Motion Design: Kipp Jarden, Dejha Ti
  • Music & Sound Design: Tim Motzer (1k Recordings)
  • Vocals: Kyra Garèy
  • Copywriting: Adam Teterus, Dejha Ti, Sean Martorana
  • Sculpture & Kiosk Materials: DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces
  • Sculpture Fabrication: C.H. Briggs, McGrory Inc
  • Kiosk Fabrication: Kiosk Fabrication
  • Industrial Design Assistance: Matt Tarosky (BRDG Studios)
  • 2D & 3D Animation: Kipp Jarden, Joe Seifert, Dejha Ti
  • Mapping & Video System Design: Peter Brodhead (BRDG Studios), Dejha Ti
  • Movement Artist: Leanne Greiger
  • Audio Mastering & Mix Assistant: Eric Bogacz, Elevate Sound
  • Video Equipment: Advanced Staging, BRDG Studios, Crane Arts
  • Venue: Crane Arts
  • Documentation & Post-production: Masce